In the cool winter months, it can be near impossible to keep skin hydrated.


Fortunately, there is an all-natural method that will help moisturize dry skin – and it requires no expensive beauty products.


According to a recent study into the benefits of houseplants commissioned by The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in collaboration with Reading University and PHD student Curtis Gubb, there are certain potted plants that are good for your skin.


The study found that certain flowers and shrubs can counteract the drying caused by heating units through a process called transpiration.


During transpiration, plants lose water through their leaves. When the process occurs with houseplants, the result is an increase in moisture in the air indoors.


To choose the best plants for your skin, the researchers recommend those with high transpiration rates, as well as plants with large canopies that can expel more water.


The most effective plants for the purpose are peace lilies, which can evaporate the equivalent of a “small teacup” of water a day, and ivy, according to the study – but Dr Blanusa said there are likely many other plants that would be beneficial in fighting the battle against dehydrated skin.